Why a blog devoted to how leaders speak? Simply because people lead through their speaking. Leadership does not lie in a title or a rank—it lies in the power of words to transform others. It happens when a leader moves an audience or inspires a single person.

Every post in this blog will equip you to do just that… inspire, influence, persuade, and move others to action. It will show you how to speak as a genuine leader—and how to move others by doing so.

Regardless of your rank or your role, you can project leadership—and achieve leadership—just by practicing the techniques in this blog.

And many of the posts will show you how to do this in everyday speaking situations—not just the big podium speeches or PowerPoint presentations, but in the day-in-and-day-out conversations and discussions you have with your team and your boss.

  • Networking Nirvana

    Networking Nirvana

    Not everyone loves to network!  Not everyone feels confident about networking. But networking is a wonderful way to build business, build your career, and build personal relationships that will deliver such value to you. And it all starts with having the right mindset. What does this mean?  First, a networking mindset is purposeful. if you […]Read More »
  • The First Rule for Leaders: Have a Message

    The First Rule for Leaders: Have a Message

    OK, so there are tons of things you’ll want to master to be an eloquent leader. But what’s the first? The first, and the most fundamental to leadership—is your message. One, clear, credible, and compelling idea that you own. Just think of your audience. How frustrating is it when a leader speaks without a clear […]Read More »
  • Why Leaders Need to Be Strong Communicators

    Why Leaders Need to Be Strong Communicators

    Let’s begin with the basics. Why should someone who thinks of himself or herself as a leader—or who aspires to be a leader—care about words, language patterns, structuring of ideas, eliminating “um’s” and “ah’s” and acquiring a strong physical presence. Aren’t these, after all, “soft skills?” Yes, and that is exactly what today’s leaders need. […]Read More »