Job Seeker's Script


THE JOB SEEKER’S SCRIPT (Fast Company Press, 2023)


This book will show you how to create scripts that position you successfully at every stage in your job search.

It will enable you to:

  • Build a compelling narrative about yourself
  • Decide how to project a strong “character” 
  • Know how to prepare for each event
  • Master the elevator conversation
  • Network like a pro, knowing exactly what to say
  • Design a resume that has others saying “WOW”
  • Write awesome thank you notes 
  • Ace every interview by telling your story well 
  • Use all these skills in the job you are sure to land.

Your job search is an opportunity to tell your story. Tell it well and you’ll win people over and land the job you want.


The Job Seeker’s Script is an impressive, extraordinarily useful book that provides a step-by-step process for selling yourself successfully throughout your job search. Whether you want to move up the ladder in your present company or are seeking a job elsewhere, this book is a must-read.”
– Chris Kowalewski, chief growth officer, Compass Group

The Job Seeker’s Script is an invaluable tool for anyone looking for a job at any level. For years, Judith Humphrey has written some of Fast Company’s most popular advice for job candidates, and now she’s compiled all her guidance, along with exactly what you need to say (and how to say it), to get the career you want. This is the book I wish I had when I was looking for a job!”
– Kathleen Davis, deputy editor, Fast Company, host of The New Way We Work podcast


“Judith Humphrey helped me with my communications style two decades ago, and I still remember our sessions vividly and benefit from those learnings every day. She focuses on key strengths, gives tactical tips to address gaps, and then helps build captivating stories that are designed for specific audiences. Now job seekers can gain those same insights from Judith in this specially tailored book that has scripts for every stage of the job-seeking journey. If you want to secure a new position and build a strong career trajectory, The Job Seeker’s Script will give you confidence, a unique story, and a differentiated value proposition that will impress your future employers.”
– Joanne Shoveller, president and vice chancellor, International Business University


“Whether you’re a newly minted graduate or a seasoned job seeker, you’ll find this book extraordinarily useful. The Job Seeker’s Script shows you how to communicate the value you will bring to a hiring organization throughout your job search. The ability to put forward your skills, accomplishments, and background in an inspiring way is often the greatest challenge for job seekers, and readers will discover how to create and deliver the right messaging to get hired.”
– Jodyi Wren, interim assistant dean, executive director, and assistant vice provost for Career Education Initiatives, Gwen M. Greene Center for Career Education and Connections, University of Rochester


“I can vouch for the brilliance of this book from personal experience. Judith Humphrey has been my communications coach, and she taught me how to script myself for every meeting and every interview. As a result, I’ve gone into each encounter confidently knowing exactly how to ‘tell my story.’ This has made all the difference and has enabled me to build a successful career. Readers of the book will find the same success.”
– Adeola Adebayo, senior managing director, Sustainable Investments, Canada Life


The Job Seeker’s Script offers superb advice: tell your story well. As the head of an executive recruiting firm, I ask candidates about their story: what they’ve learned, why they made the moves they made, how they’ve accomplished things, why they left certain jobs, and even why they made certain ethical decisions. Judith Humphrey’s inspiring book equips readers to script themselves for every encounter with a standout narrative. I highly recommend it to all job candidates.”
– Jay Rosenzweig, founder and CEO, Rozenzweig & Company, “Building the Leadership Teams of Tomorrow”


“In a crowded field of advice, The Job Seeker’s Script stands out. When I talk to candidates at all levels, sometimes their pitches don’t come across as authentic. This important and well-crafted book explains how to put a genuine pitch together, what the key elements are, and how to make sure it comes from your core, your heart. That gets my attention and keeps these job seekers top of mind.”
– Amanda Luthra, senior freelance recruiter


“This book is a treasure. The author, Judith Humphrey, coached me on its lessons. As a result, I aced my med school interviews and received a fellowship at the University of Toronto Medical School. I’m now an MD and a Specialist! Want a successful career? Buy the book!”
– Robert Mitchell, MD, Fraser Hospital, British Columbia



An easy to understand guide for improving professional communication

“I really appreciated this book’s straightforward approach and very practical advice. In “The Job Seeker’s Script” Humphrey doesn’t just offer tips, but explains why certain steps are effective in easy to understand terms with practical real world examples. This approach makes best practices easier to understand and easier to follow, as you learn why they’re so effective at a very human level.

I got a lot out of reading this book, and have already found myself using some of the strategies in my everyday work communications, especially in situations where it really counts. I strongly recommend it to anyone who needs to sell themselves in a professional environment; that includes job seekers, of course, but I also think those who will get the most out of it are those who have plenty of talent but sometimes get overlooked because they struggle to communicate their value effectively. For them, these strategies could be a game changer for their career.”

– Jared Lindzon



“Finding a job you are passionate about is not easy! Finding any job period at times is not easy. This book will be your best resource to getting yourself one step closer to landing your dream job! It takes hard work, a thoughtful approach and some creativity to get there, but if you can utilize a tool that gives you all the secrets, why not do that!? This book has those answers and more! Life is too short to work a job you hate – get that job and give yourself the leverage to get there with the Job Seekers Script! The author has done such a wonderful job at using first hand experiences and turning it into tangible advice for readers. I am so impressed with this book, this will be one that has a permanent slot on my shelf and in my regular cadence of books to pick up for advice along the road of different chapters over my career – it will stand the test of time. Well written, well done!”

– Alex Burstein


Great book for advancing your career!

“Whether you are just starting off your career or a seasoned professional, this book provides a very down to earth, practical content that allows you to seek a new job and advance your career.

Templates and examples for all of the phases in the job hunting life cycle are provided including, your story, elevator pitch, resumes, cover letters and interviews. Another fantastic book by Judith Humphrey!”

– Domenica Maciocia


I Am So Impressed With This Book

“Want multiple job offers? Want to work for a company that values you? Want to amaze them in an interview? Then this is the book for you. You will learn the power of the persuasive script, with brilliant words and a stand-out story. This book will take you through the entire scripting process, so you can arrive at an interview relaxed, prepared and present.”

– Theresa (Terry) Dowling


Book for everyone

“The Job Seekers Script book is very inspirational. It taught me to motivate in my job, and not to remain stagnant in my role. This helps me to be great at what I do. Not only for job seekers but also to advance in my career. It’s one of those classic books that you won’t get tired of reading. I enjoyed reading this book.”

– Jobert Sevilleno


Essential reading for job seekers

“As a hiring manager, I wish every candidate would follow the advice in this book! The frameworks and wisdom shared will help job seekers clearly communicate their value and impress interviewers. If you’re looking to land your dream job, start preparing with this book.”

– Marissa Dyck


A must-read for any job seeker!

“The Job Seeker’s Script is so much more than tips and techniques. It covers the entire job search process and it does so with a single, powerful message: job seekers must become great story tellers. They need to know where they’re going (and have a sense of plot), how to define their character, deliver a clear and consistent message, structure each ‘chapter’ persuasively, and rehearse their lines so they deliver a great performance.

In short, every successful job seeker should be able to tell a story that is clear and well articulated.This book will guide the reader through all these situations and provide an approach that is authentic and convincing, as well as giving the job seeker confidence. Definitely a book that every job seeker should have, whether you want to move up in your company or move to a new firm. I have a job I love, but I’m ordering copies for young people I mentor.”

– Joy Hawes


Excellent read. Critical for any job seeker (at any level)

“A clear, and simple approach to positioning yourself in a cluttered marketplace. Will teach you how to build and share your unique story – and give you the tools to take your career to the next level. Highly recommended.”

– Michael Palombo


The book you need as a job seeker

“The book is full of practical and real insights from industry leaders who actually recruit and hire. This is the book that will help you with your resume, cover letter, and interview prep tips.”

– Tejal


Another Great Book Filled with Tips & Techniques

“I’ve been an avid follower of Judith Humphrey for over a decade and leveraged every one of her books to help both myself and others improve their communication and presentation skills. The Job Seeker’s Script is by far one of the most impactful books I have read and is extremely relevant to the current situation facing many at this time. Her book addresses how to make the process of finding a new job (or a new career) more effective and efficient. This is a ‘must read’ for anyone seeking to land their dream job!”

– Jay R.


Best book for a job search and applying for a promotion

“The Job Seeker’s Script is an invaluable guide not only for launching a job search but a guide to effective communication throughout a career.

Judith Humphrey, continues to share her passion for effective communication in this, her fourth book. (Yes, I have read the other three and couldn’t wait to read this one!)

Judith is a North Star here with straightforward and practical guidance for reaching that job or promotion. The shares not only steps but provides you with an understanding why each step is important and keeps you focused.

What else shines through in the book is Judith’s encouragement. Success doesn’t come from wishing upon a star but takes thoughtful effort. The best piece of advice for me was that impromptu speaking takes practice. Read the book to see what that means. I have worked with highly success consultants, sales people who enbody this approach.

Working on the job seeker’s script builds confidence when networking and interviewing. Every graduating student would benefit from reading this book and learn what took many of us years of trial and error.

Thank you Judith!”

– Lilly Palmieri


Roadmap for career development

“I’ve read several of the author’s books including Impromptu, ‘Speaking as a Leader’ and Taking the Stage’. Her style of books are direct and impactful. The Job Seeker’s Script is another hit!

This book can be applied not only to job seekers but anyone in the process of reinventing themselves. It gives you the tools to script your pitch and tell your story in an engaging manner.

It’s a great resource for those who want to level up their job search game; and explains effective strategies to stand out in a sea of applicants.

Its an easy read and holistically covers the best approach to a job/career search. The book inspires you to take action with easy to follow principles.

I highly recommend this book.”

– caveeta2000


Excellent resource

“I’ll definitely be using this to help my career coaching clients gain confidence and clarity in their job searches. Love the mini scripts – they are immediately useful and actionable. Many books explain in concept what job seekers should do and focus on, but few give them actual powerful words and framing to practice with and tailor to their own voice. Especially for folks wanting to level up in their careers, learning to use the language of senior level professionals is essential to presenting themselves with confidence and ease. And in the modern professional world, being able to map your story to the needs of the company / client is essential to finding a mutually beneficial fit that elevates both job seeker and employer.”



A tool that will elevate the narrative and impact of the job seeker.

“The Job Seeker’s Script is a very practical and useful guide for anyone looking to find a job now and in the future. Judith Humphrey has created a model that can be easily used in all stages of the job search process. It draws on the author’s expertise as a storyteller and speaking coach to help the reader effectively tell their story. This combination of the model, the author’s experience and input and examples from many professionals provide a tool that will elevate the narrative and impact of the job seeker. This is a book I will incorporate into my professional practice as a career coach.”

– Amazon Customer





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